Any Wish for Christmas, Celebrities? by Velvet Magazine

by VelvetMagazineME

Any Wish for Christmas, Celebrities? by Velvet Magazine

“I spend Christmas with family. We cook, eat and do nothing else. Simple.”


Pamela Anderson
Tommy Lee and I are spending some time with the kids this Christmas. We have this unique situation where we might be exes, but our families all get together and have a great time. It’s good to get together – you don’t have to live with someone to get along with them.”
David Beckham
“We’ll be spending Christmas back home in the UK. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas anywhere else.”
Julia Roberts
“We just stay at home and I cook all day. I make a lot of pies. I’m a pretty good cook. As for presents, last year Hazel wanted a toothbrush and that’s what she got. So we’ll see.”

Patrick Dempsey
“I’ll probably go back to Maine. I really like snow and it’s an old home that was built in 1934 and we’ve had it for about 10 years. We got married there and I want my children to have that tradition.”



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