Fashion Story Time With the Brant Brothers: Sitting Front Row and Missing Marc Jacobs

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Fashion Story Time With the Brant Brothers: Sitting Front Row and Missing Marc Jacobs

By PETER BRANT II AND HARRY BRANT Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 / 8:01 PM GMT -5

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We met Peter and Harry Brant, the sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour, at the second Miu Miu Musing a couple weeks ago. While Peter Brant II might be better known at the moment for photos snapped of him and his supermodel mom being super-affectionate on the beach at St. Barth’s that sent the internet into a frenzy (Brant subsequently eloquently defended the photos in a statement to Gawker)–after watching Peter and his little brother Harry essentially upstage larger-than-life Andre Leon Talley that night, we knew these boys were destined for fashion greatness. Like, they’re gonna be huge.

They also happen to know their stuff when it comes to fashion. Having family friends like Azzedine Alaïa and and Naomi Campbell around will do that do a person. “When we were little we used to spend hours sifting through our mother’s dressing room and various designer’s ateliers,” Harry told us.

So we asked them to send in dispatches from their experiences at New York Fashion Week. Peter, 17, reflects on what it’s like to sit in the front row (and what happened when someone stole his seat at Alexander Wang). Harry, 15, hilariously recounts his failed efforts to make it to Marc Jacobs on time.


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