Spring is here!! Back to Beach Season

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Spring is here!! Back to Beach Season

Spring is here!! Back to Beach Season

Spring is here!! Back to Beach Season


Once again, our annual Shape issue takes a look at the world’s most impressive bodies and the work it takes to keep them in top form. And while your concern probably isn’t getting a killer core for an upcoming role in Battleship (Rihanna’s got that covered), beach days are likely in your foreseeable future. How to transform from a sweater body to a swimsuit one? We asked top trainers, nutritionists, and health experts for their best piece of advice to get ready for beach season.

Kimberly Snyder, clinical nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution (April, Harlequin)
Don’t drink liquids when you eat. Drink significant quantities of water at least half hour before your meals, or at least an hour following meals. During mealtimes, try to drink as little as possible. Too much liquid with meals slows down digestion by diluting digestive juices, and inefficient digestion is a contributor to difficulty in losing weight. 

Kate Bohner, director of the FlyBarre Program at Flywheel Sports
Try to alternate between exercises that demand intense bursts of energy and deep yogic stretches—a format that produces both a caloric burn and leaner muscle mass. Here are my favorite moves:

Table Top position (for seat work): On all fours (knees under hips, hands slightly wider than shoulders), extend one leg back, bringing it parallel to the floor, and do leg lifts. Then bend knee, flex foot, and continue lifting. Point toe and repeat.

Wide Second position (for thigh work): Start an arm’s distance away from a barre or chair. Take feet wider than hips and bend knees, keeping them over heels. Bend knees to drop seat down toward floor and then back to starting position. Alternate lifting each heel up as high as you can, and repeat the exercise on the balls of your feet. On your toes with your knees bent in a wide second position, perform pelvic tucks; in the same stance, press inner thighs back and return to starting position.

Latham Thomas, holistic health coach, healthy-lifestyle expert, and founder of Tender Shoots Wellness, NYC
Do some sober socializing. Drinks pack on the pounds: Pure alcohol contains about seven calories per gram, which makes it nearly twice as fattening as carbohydrates or protein (both contain about four calories per gram) and only just under the caloric value for fat (nine calories per gram). Your body processes alcohol first, before fat, protein, or carbohydrates, so drinking slows down the burning of fat. Cut back to one or two glasses of wine at a time and decide how many nights you can do that every week.

Karen Nuccio, fitness and balanced-lifestyle expert, founder and CEO of LITA Group New York
I suggest adding 45-minute walks to your routine three to five times a week. And I mean walk. Like you’re in a hurry. Another component that I think is crucial is learning proper form and alignment for lifting weights or doing squats, so that you don’t tear your muscle. Stand with feet hip or shoulder distance apart, tilt your pelvis forward and make your spine straight. Roll your shoulders back, and pull your belly button to your spine.


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