Filling The Gap, Patrick Robinson Elevates The Idea Of A Basic For Fall

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Filling The Gap, Patrick Robinson Elevates The Idea Of A Basic For Fall

Fall basics

Fall basics

If things had been different, Patrick Robinson would have been in Tokyo debuting Gap’s fall collection, but with events in Japan taking such a tragic turn these past two weeks, there had to be, naturally, a change in plans. So Robinson gave a preview instead at the brand’s relatively new New York headquarters, located on a canyon-walled side street in Tribeca. Straight off, it becomes apparent that one thing is very obviously missing—anything jeans-related. It turns out he is going to show that later. Besides, Robinson is of the mind that, for fall, leather is the new denim, with plenty of pieces in supple, glossy black: a short shift dress that can be layered under and over, maybe with a bow-tied silk blouse, or a gauzy block-striped sweater; a pencil skirt in the new above-the-knee length that was all over the European fall 2011 shows; a snap-fastening, high-necked battalion jacket; and a pair of motocross pants worn with a gray marl sweatshirt jacket, the latter brilliantly contriving to be both slouchy and skinny in fit.

“We’re thinking about heritage,” Robinson said, “but we want to take what we’re known for”—his hand rested at that gray jacket—“like the marl, but push into a new direction.” That’s the thing with the Gap: You want the new and the familiar in equal measure. The balance is evenly distributed here, with the understanding that the equilibrium all comes down to the fit. On the strength of what was shown—and will hopefully appear in the stores that way—that means giving a kick at the ankles of the mannish, tailored gray pants, or lopping an inch or two off the hems (this winter, your ankles are going to be chilly—get ready); shrinking the shoulders of the jacket, not to mention the sleeves, so they are closer to the body; and, putting seams into those lean biker-inspired pants so their contouring is functional, as opposed to merely decorative. All that’s missing is, of course, the denim. Except, wait, what’s this? On the racks is a rolled-edge cable-knit sweater, shown with washed khakis. Its color? Indigo blue.

Ref: Vogue

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