Dressed Up For Easter

by VelvetMagazineME


Dressed Up For Easter

Blame it on the House of Fabergé. Ever since the company crafted its first luxuriant egg back in 1885 for Tsar Alexander III (it was a gift for his wife, Empress Maria Fedorovna), there’s been nothing more covetable at Easter than an over-the-top, extravagant egg. And for anyone eggs-ercising (sorry!) restraint against all things sugar in the lead-up to the big day, an unimaginative chocolate mold, just doesn’t cut it. That’s why Vogue.com scoured the shops for our favorite incredible eggs—edible and otherwise—and asked a crop of créateurs to offer up their vision of how a decadent Easter egg should look. Whether space-age bijoux, hand-painted, glitter-sprinkled, paper-covered or femme fatale–personified, we’re sure you’ll agree the delicious options out there are far too good to eat.

Ref: Vogue

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