A waist that made Nicole Kidman look dumpy and why Kate deserves to be more than just a clothes horse

by VelvetMagazineME

The Duchess of Cambridge has achieved the impossible. At the Bafta dinner on Saturday night in Los Angeles, she made the normally giraffe-like Nicole Kidman look almost in need of a pair of Spanx slimming knickers and a few weeks on the Dukan diet.

Though not even the most zealous body fascist could describe Kidman as large, when the actress posed next to Kate there was no doubt who was the more slender.

And this was Tinseltown — the place that pioneered size zero, the miniature dress size that equates to a British size four.

Certainly, the Duchess looked stunning in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen couture lilac chiffon dress, with its sparkling belt emphasising her teeny-tiny waist, estimated by onlookers at 23in at the very most (goodbye Waity Katie, hello Waify Katie).

It was the culmination of a two-week North American tour during which Kate dazzled at every turn. But there is a small matter of concern.

For though William and Kate were received ecstatically wherever they travelled, there is no escaping the fact that most people’s abiding memories of the trip will have been the Duchess’s wardrobe.

At times, this wasn’t so much a royal tour as Kate’s Clothes Roadshow, not least because she said so little.

Yes, she painted a red snail at an inner-city arts centre, cooked at a Quebec catering college, presented a cup at the polo and went down a river in a raft. But in the main, her role  was to look princess-perfect in a succession of pretty dresses from an audacious range of designers.

And the fact is that when a woman is feted for her fashion sense, the more pressure she will feel to show off those dresses to their best advantage — which means being super-slim.

Fashion doesn’t favour natural curves or, indeed, shapeliness of any kind. You need only look at the catwalk for proof of that.

It would be a travesty if, in her determination to become a style ambassador for Britain, Kate felt pressured to conform to the standards and sizes of the fashion industry.

It’s to be hoped she never believes there was something in the late Duchess of Windsor’s mantra: ‘A woman can never be too rich or too thin.’

Carole White, founder of Premier Model Management, which has managed the careers of countless supermodels, would put Kate’s vital statistics at 32-24-35.


That’s almost the same size as Kate Moss at the height of her career — the differences being that, at 5ft 10in, the Duchess is three inches taller than the supermodel, while her waist is half an inch smaller.

‘With those measurements and her height, Kate definitely could be a model,’ says Carole. Lingerie expert Keeley Toomey of Figleaves.com estimates the Duchess is even  smaller, just a 30A bra size and a dress size six.

It wasn’t always like this. In the earliest days of her relationship with William, Kate was a comfortable size 10 to 12 and always looked fantastic and fit, being a naturally sporty girl.

It was understandable, of course, that she would want to drop a dress size in the build-up to her wedding day. What bride doesn’t — especially one wearing a McQueen gown?

But if anything, Kate looks even slighter since her big day.

Perhaps, like her mother Carole — who kicked off a Dukan diet craze after her elegant appearance in a Catherine Walker outfit at the wedding — Kate laid off the carbs to prepare for her first big royal tour.



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