Carolina Herrera 212 VIP FOR MEN

by VelvetMagazineME

New York men may come from all over the world, but they belong to this town.

In New York, someone who’s dull can become somebody intriguing and fun.

Walking into a small art gallery or even the wildest and craziest party in a private loft, you will run into some of the most talented, handsome, charming, warm gentlemen in town!

The quintessential NYC skyscraper was our inspiration for the masculine silver bottle.

 The perfect companion to the more sensual golden bottle of the female counterpart, 212 VIP.

Gold and silver are enduring precious metals.

They are each beautiful on their own but seen together they attain a new level of luxury.

Shot in New York City at a top-secret location, starring Jon Kortajarena and Natasha Vojnovic and directed by British directorial duo Alex & Liane, the spot takes us right into New York City’s bustling VIP nightlife. It is always exciting and fun to see a cast of over 200 extras, led by Jon and Natasha, has such an amazing time. I think you are going to enjoy it as much as I do!