Singer in Focus: Adele

by VelvetMagazineME

It didn’t take people much time to realize that British Adele Atkins had the voice of an angel. Ever since the release of her debut single “Hometown Glory” back in 2007, the world was on the watch of this rising star with amazingly strong vocals.

Adele’s voice is the type that takes your breath away: strong, sensational, and utterly raw. It’s not just her great talent that made her the star she is today, but also her true emotions and her ability to interpret the feelings in a song so well that she makes us relate to it as if it were written especially for us. In 2008, she released her debut album, entitled “19”, and had a whole string of hits, among which was the much successful “Chasing Pavements”.

In January 2011, Adele released yet another album, conveniently entitled “21”, and the lead single “Rolling in the Deep” made the waiting for her comeback all the more rewarding. The album sounded just like everyone wanted it to: emotional, genuine, and classical. Adele sure can sing, with her young voice and her old soul, backed by her musical inspirations from the industry’s legends of all genres: rock, country, 70’s Motown, etc.



While “21” sounds like the diary of a broken heart or a hopeless romantic, the lyrics of her songs are heartfelt and life-experienced, and a great example of that is the hit “Someone Like You”, which she sings in such beauty, maturity and emotions, and for which she recently released the official video.

For all that’s mentioned above, it seems logical to want a box of chocolate next to you while listening to Adele!

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Regards, Velvet Magazine