How Fashionable can your Water Bottle Be?

by VelvetMagazineME

In a Live young mood for celebration with the Evian Courrèges Limited Edition.

When a French icon of couture, renown for its unconventional creativity meets

the most free-minded brand of natural mineral water to imagine a bottle for

the end of the year, this could only be an invitation to free the festive tables

from classical conventions.

Both sharing a restless optimism and the belief that youth is more a matter

of attitude than a matter of age, courrèges and Evian propose to celebrate

the coming new year in a very original and colorful way.

Faithfull to this common spirit with its elegant white and blooming fluorescent

pink dress of emblematic flowers, the new Evian Limited Edition

2012 bottle will be the best way to declare and share our joyful mood

for celebration at all the party tables of the coming festive season.