Celeb Hacker Release on a $10,000 Bond

by VelvetMagazineME

Celeb hacker Christopher Chaney – who is known for releasing some intimate photos of Scarlett Johansson (…and Mila Kunis, and a whole lot of other starlets!) was arrested by the FBI.

The 35 year old man from Jacksonville, Florida, was charged with hacking into celebrity email accounts in a computer invasion scheme. He was also charged with 26 counts of identity theft, unauthorized access to a protected computer and wiretapping. If convicted, he faces up to 121 years in jail (yes, you read that right!).

But to the surprise of everyone, the man was released very shortly after his arrest, on a $10,000 bond after making a court appearance, according to the US Attorney Andre Birotte’s office. However, the release comes with several conditions: no new criminal activity, no possession of firearms, no excessive use of alcohol, pre-trial supervision and drug testing, and so many more.

It is noteworthy that Chaney is linked to hacking over 50 victims, among which are stars like Christina Aguilera. He also hacked Google, Apple and Yahoo email accounts and then hijacked the forwarding feature so that a copy of every email received was sent “virtually instantaneously” to an email account he controlled, according to an indictment handed up in Tuesday by a federal grand jury in LA.

No one’s safe, and nothing stays a secret. We believe this story will make us be more careful what we send and what we save on our email accounts!

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